Treatment Menu

Deep Conditioning

5 Mins    $20

The “I have to pick the kids up” treatment.

A deep conditioning mask specially chosen for your hair type.

Bond Fusion

5-10 Mins    $39

The “My hair needs serious help” treatment.

A bond booster system that conditions and nourishes the hair.

The unique protein fusion system bonds, builds and boosts the inner hair structure.


10-15 Mins    $38 – $30 with colour

The “Salon came home with me” treatment.

With the combination of a Keratin booster and a deep conditioning mask, your stressed strands will thank you for it.

This personalised treatment leaves your hair feeling softer, moisturised, and easier to comb.

Scalp Renewal

10-15 Mins    $30 – Not available with colour service

The “My hair is going to love me for this” treatment.

Exfoliate and cleanse the scalp with this deeply purifying scrub. While giving your ends a little bit of love with a deep conditioning treatment.

Rise and Shine

10-15 Mins    $30

The “Morning cup of coffee” treatment.

Wake up your hair and scalp with this energizing shot.

Lemon, Ginseng, and Caffeine revitalise the scalp, boosting blood circulation. Giving strength and fullness to your hair.

Did you know?

For $20 we can add pigment into your take home treatments to maintain your colour as well as hair’s condition.